Hey buddy – just wanted to follow up from the weekend.  THANK YOU!!!  In all of my hunting and fishing guided trips I’ve never met anyone that comes close to you as far as making sure your folks have a great trip.  The fishing is always great, but even if it weren’t for some reason, it’s still an amazing trip just hanging out on the dock and eating phenomenal food.  You’ve got it figured out – you’re a master of your profession, and I can’t wait until the next trip!  And you can forward my cell number to anyone that’s wanting references!!

Marshall Hughes



Thank You for a wonderful time on the water! The accommodations were world class! The fishing was world class with a full limit of reds during a “bad wind and tide day” your knowledge of the area and tactics are bar none the best! I simply can not say enough. I am so glad your awesome skill set, quick wit, and hard work, have landed you your own Rojas Charters! We have fished you many times over the years and 10 years later you still display the love for the marsh and excitement for every fish caught! I have fished water from Mexico, Florida coastal and deep sea, Texas coastal and Deep sea, and my favorite trip everytime is with you! Simply put Rojas Charters is simply the best on the water!

Wade and Brenda Patterson


We had a terrific time Tuesday on the bayou waters with Capt. C.J. We’ll tell everyone about the experience. Can’t say enough about C.J.’s professionalism, courteous & non-instrusive assistance, attentiveness and good nature (even at 6am.) All the little details were impressive too, like the cleanliness of the dock & boat. The cap was his recommendation to take our catch to Giovanni’s in the French Quarter on Decatur, where our efforts were turned into a fantastic dinner. Can’t wait to do it all again!

Larry Cohen



We just want to Thank you for a GREAT day of fishing! So glad Terry decided to celebrate our 28th anniversary fishing. It was way better than any diamond. Bigger too since I caught the biggest!!! HA!HA! Next year we have to make sure Terry catches the biggest or I might not get to come with him. You made the trip so fun we have been deep sea fishing a couple of times but, never anything like this.
Thanks Again,
See Ya Soon

Terry and Tammy Westmoreland



You’re the absolute best. This was my third visit with my friend Cj and he once again outdid himself. I’m known a believer of throwing spoons. I didn’t want to, but left it up to the Capt and my first fish of the day was a 27.5 inch bullred (the third one Cj has put me on). That’s right – 3 trips and 3 bulls. My brother was on the trip and was quoted saying ‘the best redfishing he has ever had’. He also been living in Louisiana for over twenty years so that’s saying something. Great town, great people, and the best guide ever. I can’t thank you enough for providing me and my buddies with memories for a lifetime. My brother and I will be back soon again very soon with my mom and my aunt.
All the best,

Stephen Evers



Just wanted to thank you for making our first Redfish experience so memorable. I have fished for several different species, and in several locations, and this was by far one of the best. I know, by just looking at the pictures on you website, I’m not the only person who feels this way. We certainly enjoyed your hospitality and hope to come again. The fish we caught was like “icing on the cake”. I’ve never caught this many big fish, or a harder fighting fish. Can’t wait ’til next time.

Miss Pat
Tuscaloosa, Al.


CJ is a class act. I fished with him 3 days and we had a great time. He put us in the fish every day. I’m looking forward, very much, to doing it again. And, he’s a really good cook.

Garden City, Alabama



Me and Vicki just got back to Florida and I just wanted to thank you again for by far the best fishing trip of my life! You are the best! I don’t just speak for myself but, Vicki, Gary and Joy, too. We all had a wonderfull time and you know we will be back soon. I have already talked to a few of my buddys and they want to go fishing with you also, so we are passing out your flyers and business card to all interested. You are gonna be a busy “CoonAss”

Thanks again CJ,
Danny Ward


Man I don’t know where to start. We had such a fantastic time and it is amazing how many great memories we created in two days of fishing. As you know I am a dedicated fisherman and I probably spend 60 days of the year on the water. I have spent a lot of days in the boat with various guides (some good ones and a lot of very bad ones). However, I had never fished for redfish until this past weekend and I can promise you I have a new love affair. I am completely hooked. Sight fishing for Reds is such an incredible rush. However, I am very confident that I would not feel the way I do if I had started out with any other guide. I was so impressed with your knowledge, professionalism, quick wit and your kindness. You really put us at ease from the very beginning. However, the most impressive thing you did was put us directly on the fish. Catching over a hundred fish each day was beyond my wildest dream. What made it the most impressive was the high number of other fisherman we talked to that had poor luck. I can’t wait to cook a few so I can experience what everybody keeps raving about. I have a close friend that is a die hard red fisherman, he makes a 9 hour trip to the gulf 7 or 8 times a year. Before I left to come down and see you, he warned me that we would have tough fishing because the tides were not favorable. Very impressive CJ, I gotta give you a lot of credit. Thank you again, I can’t wait to come back and laugh with you again. My son Wyatt is 4, as soon as he is ready, we want to reserve a spot in the boat with you!!

Only one warning to prospective clients – CJ has a poor memory and if you request white bread on your sandwiches you will probably get wheat. Furthermore, their is a good chance that he will blame the mistake on you, thus making you look bad in front of your friends. 🙂 🙂

Paul Simmons
Asst. Football Coach
Harding University


Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the excellent 5 day fishing trip the week of June 22. I have fished with you now for about 6 years and for each trip I just can’t imagine better fishing. However, fishing does get better each trip. As you know, I fish a lot each year, I am on the water between 6 and 8 months of the year. I fly fished for redfish in 6 different coastal states in 08 and believe me—nowhere can compare to the quality of fishing you have in your back yard. The size and number of fish you have is virtually unheard of in other states. I will also say that you are the most dedicated, skilled and professional Guide that I have ever fished with. Your knowledge, skills and ability to locate and catch fish is truly elite.

However, there are a few things that we can work on for improvement. For example: 1) The other morning, I mentioned that I would like to keep a few small fish for grilling since I didn’t keep any in 08. You stated that you believed that would not be a problem. Well you were not really clear on what you meant. You never told me that we would have to catch and release upward of 30 larger redfish to get to keep a few smaller ones.

2) One morning you stated there was a place you would like to fish for 10-15 minutes before going on to one of your other favorite fishing spots. You failed to mention that there would be very large schools of reds on top busting bait and shrimp and that we would end up staying there for most of 3 hours almost continuously catching fish. Wow what a morning–I have never before experienced so many fish willing to eat. You could make a long cast and hookup or just drop the lure over the side.

3) While standing on the bow of the boat, fly rod at the ready, I was making sure the fly line was prepared. You stated, OK Mr Bob there’s 5 schools of reds you can cast to — just take your pick. Well, I guess I need more specific direction. You could have stated— OK cast to that school at 11 O clock that is only 20 feet form the boat. You could have seen that they were perhaps the largest reds we had seen all day. I thought they were going to swim right into the boat.

4) Again, with fly rod in hand, we looked down the shore line and you stated “there comes one monster of a redfish.” Well I think you could have said something else like–that is a really nice fish, or here comes one you will like to catch, or anything that would not have tore me up so badly. I thought I was over shaky feelings and making poor cast because of excitement–but No-No not this time. That wake looked like someone was pulling a 4 foot section of a telephone pole. I am not really making excuses I just blew it several times!!!! The 1 highlight I will never forget was when we were fishing in your aquarium spot and we both saw and HEARD that redfish inhale the fly. How many people do you know that has experienced that!!!!

Thank you my friend for such memories and an experience that one could never forget.

Until next time real soon, take care.

Bob Holbrook
Gardendale, Alabama


Wow! Words don’t say enough, another great trip with giant reds with captain CJ. Recently, I had another special trip with CJ and some dear friends. We fished one late afternoon and believe it or not we caught our limit of reds with five guys. That is almost impossible to do in the afternoon. We then stayed at a super nice house that CJ lined up for us that had a huge deck and a screened in porch. It was nicer than my house at home. We then woke up early the next day and limited out on reds by 9:15am. That’s right 25 more reds in a little over three hours. Two great days, 50 Reds, several black drum, trout, and sheepheads. We caught so many reds we had to throw back tons more. It was unbelievable and his knowledge on the tide, season, fish patterns, and his attitude was above all was the absolute BEST! I can’t tell you how many times CJ spotted a fish and told us where to cast and WHAM! fish on baby! I caught my second ‘BULL RED’ just like that. I made two new friends for life on this trip and CJ was the best host ever. I can’t begin to tell you how nice, knowledgeable, and caring CJ is, but I can promise you this. You will have a great time with him. CJ knows fish but most of all he cares.

Stephen Evers


I have fished with CJ for years so when I learned of his starting his own business I couldn’t wait to fish with him again. My 18 year old son Drew and I planned a trip to mark Drew’s leaving for Navy boot camp. We scheduled a trip for his last weekend as a civilian. Words can’t describe how much fun we had. The fishing was spectacular. We had our limit before 7 a.m. that morning several times over. We actually got tired of catching redfish. Everything was perfect from the accommodations and food to the fishing and visiting with CJ and family. Can’t wait to get back there.


Stephen R. Moorhead, Esquire
McDonald Fleming Moorhead
25 West Government St.
Pensacola, FL 32502
850.202.8540 (fax)
850.982.5201 (cell)

Thanks so very much for the great guide service. My cousin Bill and I had a great time. If you cater to all your clients like you did to us its know wonder you are so hard to get…I am looking forward to coming back down soon. I don’t like to fish… I LOVE TO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harold William


On May 2nd and 3rd I planned to have a special fishing trip to make a memory for my best friend Jack and my brother Jon. As we all get older you realize with family and commitments you don’t really have too many opportunities in life where you can just be selfish and go out and spend two quality days of being all-american Men and do some fishing. I’ve never met CJ but my brother had used him before several years ago and always commented on this guy who he used as a guide several years before. CJ obviously left his mark because the first opportunity my brother had to choose a guide for our special trip his first thought was ‘CJ’. We not only caught great fish steady both days, but I have a new friend in southern Louisiana. CJ knows his stuff. From his equipment, knowledge and most importantly his congenial disposition it was the best trip I’ve ever had as an outdoorsman. HE WILL PUT YOU ON THE FISH I PROMISE YOU THAT, but to me the most important part is the complete experience. I’ve gone to some special places and have been blessed to harvest some special animals, but what matters most to me is the life experience. CJ was determined, focused, knowledgeable, and most of all fun. To his credit he put up with me, my brother and my best friend. We can be a handful. Let’s put it this way, after two days of fishing with us CJ was part guide, counselor, priest, police officer, and DD. It was an experience of a lifetime and honestly I don’t want CJ to know this but I would have paid him double the amount we paid. To anyone outside of Louisiana this phrase will wrap it up for you. My friend noticed CJ didn’t have a GPS system and he asked him how he kept up with where we were going. CJ’s response was classic, ‘I don’t need no GPS, I’ve got CAPS’. CAPS what’s that? COON ASS Positioning System. Awesome and very true. CJ from your accent, knowledge, patience, and congenial disposition I have to tell you bro that we all just love ya like a brother. In all honesty bro we had the best time ever. The best advertisement for you was letting me keep that BULL RED intact. After six hours of driving home I was still so excited I drove straight over to two more buddies houses and showed them that fish. I still had that same rush of emotions as I did when I pulled that sucker from the water 10 hours before. I’ve already begun putting together another trip for me and three other friends and we’re looking at this summer or early fall. You are the man brother and even my friends who have done some ‘things’ had to give it up and give us props on all the fish we caught. No doubt we all four made a trip to remember and as we get older we will always refer to ‘the trip’ with you and the time we fished in that unbelievable wind. From my combo of TWO 22inch reds and my first BULL at 27 ‘ inches, Jon’s 24inch red and the one that got away, to Jack’s 4ft. long 20 pound alligator gar and 25 inch black drum we all had memories of a lifetime. Thank you Thank you Thank you bro. I can’t wait for my next trip and the opportunity to take in the smell, the feel, the spirit, the accent and the entire experience that is ‘Rojas Charters’. One phrase we might let you use”’Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll’. I’ll be in touch very, very soon.


Stephen Evers


CJ took us and our 9 year old son out fishing on a day we would have expected to not catch any fish. The winds were 20+ mph with gust of even more. CJ knew where to take us to keep us out of rough waters and find fish. Growing up fishing these waters we were expecting few to none but we caught Red-fish, Speckled Trout, Sheep head, Flounder and limited out on Black Drum. CJ was not only great with Devin our son, but with us also. We have fished with CJ and with other charters and we always rather fishing with CJ over any other charter. CJ is not only great with children but also with adults. No matter what the occasion CJ is the right captain for you.

Gordie & Colleen

Metairie, LA

I have known and fished with CJ for over 10 years and as of today have never been dissapointed. I have fished and hunted all over the world from Africa to Alaska and so far the most enjoyable trips have been with CJ and his guide service. In the late 90’s directed and produced an outdoor show for the gulf coast and spent many hours trying to make a show. Fishing with Rojas charters I could make a show every trip. CJ makes it fun and like you have known him all your life. Feel free to call me with any questions about the services CJ offers.

Jeff D. Godfrey
Panhandle Outdoors


To all the fishermen out there:

I have been fishing all over the world for many different species of fish and in all kinds of settings. I have caught monster Sail Fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Brook Trout in the mountains of Montana and world class Rooster Fish off the coast of Costa Rica and by far, the best time I have ever had fishing is with CJ in Lafitte, Louisiana. I have been fishing with CJ for almost 10 years and I have never been disappointed. I only fish artificials and the look on the guys faces at the docks when you return with a limit if Reds when they have been using cut bait and only have a few reds to show is one of the most satisfying feelings a fisherman can have. If you want the thrill of your life watching a 30″ Redfish smashing a top water plug just after sun-up or the adrenalin rush of a Tailing Red turning on a spoon and taking your light tackle to the limit in less than 24″ of water…CJ is the one to go with.

I invite you to call me anytime on my cell phone to ask any questions you may have. With New Orleans less than 20 minutes away and an old world style bed and breakfast 5 minutes from the docks, its a great place to bring your wife along if she doesn’t fish but would like to get out of town with you. I don’t know about you but thats about as good as it gets when you get credit from the wife for going fishing.

Mark Porter
Paragon Custom Homes of Florida


Dear CJ

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since our first trip on a rainy Saturday when we were the only boat to bring fish to the dock. I was looking for a special guide and after seeing how hard you worked that day, I knew you were the man. I don’t know how many trips you and I have made but I know that number combined with my friends I’ve introduced to you and their recommendations the total charters are in the hundreds. I have never heard anything but praise for your capabilities, patience with inexperienced adults, families and children, attention to detail and an obvious desire to provide first class service.

You are a credit to your profession and I recommend you without reservation. Looking forward to you, Mary and I making our next trip very soon.

Steve McDaniel

Senior Vice President
River Consulting


Fishing has been my passion as long as I can remember. My son Cannon and I have fished with some of the best charters in the world, but none better than CJ of Rojas Charters. You will not find a more knowledgeable, passionate, fish finding machine that is simply fun to fish with than CJ Our friendship goes back over 15 years and during that time we have had many incredible trips including this last weekend where we all caught limits of BULL reds from CJ’s Honey holes. Barataria is one of the most beautiful and diverse fisheries in the world and I would encourage anyone who loves trout and red fishing to come to Louisiana and share the experience of a lifetime with CJ.

Dr. Graham Morris

Memphis, Tn